Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Most toughest job in real life is how to make a balance between your ethics and relationships.Sometimes for inner peace one is compelled to stay away from people.The most difficult thing in life is despite doing all good deeds you are criticised again and again.Some people know the art how to make good relationship.How selfish they are in their personal life that never comes to surface.Its about maintaining good social relationship.Buried is the person behind him who sacrificed his life.But I believe "doing good deeds " comes back to the person in this life in some other form.It adds to one's good karma.when one road closed in our early life for some unavoidable circumstances there are several opportunities come our way in later life.Life is very precious loosing opportunity in early life is very difficult to get over.Wealth,respect everything comes back in multifaceted manner.
There is plethora of awareness messages on this day.Hope all these campaigns will sensitise our society.If you we can't empower women at least shouldn't point fingers towards women who are being exploited, humiliated.It will make a huge difference and give them enough courage to come forward and protect themselves.
It is strange that we are still describing women only as the symbol of beauty,soft,tolerant etc etc.At the same time when we see someone in distress we start finding her faults.When they are holding top positions in every sector then why to discriminate them.I personally feel very bad hearing ignorant connotations about women.
who denies "Khudane phursat de banayaa hai aurat ko'

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Lord Jagannath is considered as the Supreme divinity,the ‘PARAMBRAHMA’. Jagannath cult is mysterious and esoteric.Many aspects of lord Jagannath still remain obscure and unknown to the world.
Brahma paribartana as per Jagannath cult occurs in 19 years.As per Hindu mythology human soul gets another body after death.Nabakalebara of lord Jagannath has resemblance with a human life and symbolizes the immortality of soul.
This year millions of devotees light up diyas and remain awake till the wee hours of the night (Brahma muhurta) when ghata paribartana was scheduled to occur at Jagannath temple. On this auspicious day let there be peace,compassion,humanity and nonviolence prevail over mankind by the grace of lord Jagannath.
By Swati Mohapatra

Friday, November 2, 2012

Exotic orchids of sikkim



  Sikkim is a state surrounded by
 the kingdom of Bhutan,Vallies 
 of Tibet and Nepal in the west.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Morethan 5000  orchids 
                                   are   found in sikkim                                            



Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How can animals sense earthquake?

When massive earthquake struck deep beneath the Indian ocean near Indonesia, the tremor was felt in the entire coastal belt of India including Odisha.
It seems animals are so connected with the vibrations of the earth that they can sense and predict the seismic event.Usually dogs start barking before the tremor is felt.We usually donot pay attention to it.
Researchers said that aquatic species are highly sensitive to any seismic event.They can perceive the vibration.Birds do fly up in apprehension of such calamities.Various types of animals are capable of sensing the vibration and predict the event.Scientists said the sense they use depend on the species.Each has his own way of sensing the vibration that precedes the strong earthquake.

Is it extra sensory perception?why can't we perceive that.This is beyond human perception.Parapsychologists say when we connect ourselves to the universal consciousness we can sense the vibration of the earth.We human beings do identify ourselves with something-Who we are.The ego.the self,Which the other species donot have.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Patachitra the ethnic art of Odisha

This is a religious folk art of odisha called patachitra.Mostly made on cloth.Odisha has rich cultural heritage of Lord Jagannath.The most popular paintings are the figures of Lord Jagannath.
The figures potray Hindu mythological themes.It potrays the folk tales of Odisha.Patachitra is one of the famous ethnic Indian painting.

I tried on a different concept.
I made this patachitra.It is a little bit different from the usual patterns.It has been 20yrs from now.The B.k. college of art research study unit published this new concept.Idea is taken from that publication.

One can preserve the paintigs for a couple of years.After that it starts decaying.But in the virtual world this will live on.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rain drenched Nilgiris

A rare sight of Nilgiri Hills forest drenched in rain.Returning monsoon in the end of october.(captured on my camera).

When passing through Nilgiri forest one can't resist the aroma of ayurvedic herbs filled in the air with all its medicinal values.Air is fresh and rejuvenating there.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Gandhian movement against corruption

This ought to be a clarion call to the Indian youth to come forward and protect their own future and the country’s future as well.

As this movement is gaining momentum, more and more people seem to be emotionally charged. At this point of time we are really on the lookout of a common platform or a grievance cell where one can report to or lodge complaint;a website or a toll free number, a kind of public grievance system, which can take care of a common man’s grievance.

But at this point of time some machinery must be established to protect the interest of the common man truly fighting corruption at every possible grassroot level.

The power and responsibility of lokpal must include some authority to address such common grievance.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's about Himalayas

Buddhist monastery in the Himalayas

I always wanted to spend sometime in the himalayas.Reaching there,it was a different experience altogether.
As if it's time to get rid of all bizzare thoughts,shortfalls of life etc.

I got trapped in silence. Trying to interprete the language of silence. As if I was longing for it.
some rejoice in silence.It's blissfull.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Life is very precious.There is only one life to live.We all try to get the best out of it.To keep pace with the fast and changing world we have to be on our toes all the time.We often miss out wonderful things that are around.

We often interact with people with negative traits both in our professional and social life.They are the unhappy people who want to possess material things,they assess you for what you have not for what you are.We often can not sustain this competitive pressure.Our lowerself gets triggered.We experience all sorts of negative emotions i.e.anger ,jealousy,hate,resentment etc. and finally it plays on our health.

A few tips can make life worth living.
To channelise negative emotion add a creative blend to your life.Develop yourself.Satisfy your cognitive need by learning things.

knowledge makes one humble and deflates the ego.

Practice calmness and quietness.
when the mind is calm there is better control of your emotions.It help us turn inward. We function at the higher level of our consciousness.Our attitude and observation towards life improves.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Silence still prevails

Silence still prevails

The ride is not always smooth.
When it is filled with emotions
it has to be emptied.

It tries to find expression. 

When the clouds are full of rain water
they have to shower.

Creativity springs from love.
It's about unconditional love.

One can't expect to receive in return.

when it falls short of words it is unspoken.
Life goes on with that language of silence.
Life goes on with that fragnance.


                      Words take shape
                      very slowly it intoxicates  
                      Only silence speaks
                      with that instinct
                      want to embrace life
                      again and again.
                     I often had to walk alone 
                     Following the footsteps....
                     Till you disappear in 
                     the rain leaving a trail.

When evening falls
Why it feels that
You are around

Digging deep into my heart
Why it feels that
you are around

Why I donot
want to break the spell.

When evening falls
What triggers my thought
I Never know
It drifts my thought towards you.

Bringing a lot of freshness in the air
Everything begins to resound.


Do not Know
When You came and left.

Reading the language of your eyes
it worth a thousand complements
for me.
something as little as this
and nobody even knows.
A feeling of sheer ecstasy

As if I was living
my dream in that moment.

I have pocketed that very

moment for the rest of my life.

I wish....I could

I wish you could
Feel the unwritten words

I wish you could read

in between the lines

I wish I could
make you feel
how precious you are for me

I wish I could
explain how the ride is so diffcult
without you

when the heart is filled with wishes
can't wish anything
So all good wishes are
with you.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

God Of All Religions

Many a times I experienced a very subtle feeling.Once I felt that my mind is conditioned in a way to perceive it.It happened to me, it's about one's belief.

Writting about Shirdi Sai was there in my mind but I have never gathered the courage to pen it down.
Guru purnima is considered as a very auspicious day.On that particular day I went to shiridi sai temple.The chant,the vibes of the place awakened a thousands of spiritual feelings in me.It generates a plethora of ideas that I had never confronted with.As if I got all answers of my self- doubts.It's an introspection that compelled me to write something.

I read about Shirdi that those who believe in him they often experience a kind of connection or you can tell it telepathy.It acts as a reminder at times.The same happened to me.
I wrote this article but couldnot post it on my blog .But the very next day While opening my facebook ac I got a friendly suggestion from Shirdi sai trust.Either you call it coincidence or connection but it acts like a reminder to me.
I found some people feeling choked with too much of materialism.They try to put on hold their fast life and tune their mind with spirituality.It is oneness with God.A deep sense of being humane.Some people prefer to be spiritual rather than being religious only.

I read a wonderful thing about Shirdi sai that people from all religions are his followers.The attitude and belief we imbibe in our growing up years determine our spiritual and religious belief.
we identify ourselves with that religious belief.We are the outcome of that social conditioning.That is so strongly held and it is very difficult to alter that belief.

People take holy dips rather than looking into their minds.
They don't look into meaningful spiritual growth.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Gulzar - a Lyricist full of life instinct

Very Lucky to have met Gulzar ji at Jayadev Bhavan in Bhubaneswar last year

When I heard that Indian Lyricist Gulzar won oscar it made me recall my childhood days- my favourite song used to be 'lakdi ki kathi'(film masoom).I started appreciating his songs at an age when one couldnot understand what a lyricist is.

He is a great observer of human relationships.I find him the most sensitive poet and lyricist.There is a beautiful blend of folk and rustic elements in his songs.

Gulzar's lyrics have been a very wonderful part of my life..The earthly elements that reflects in his songs are full of life instincts .One can relate and identify his feelings  with it.

Here is a wonderful song of Gulzar from album Dil padosi hai_


When passing through difficult times, one can perceive beauty in pain with his lyrics.

I use to enjoy my early morning walk listening to his songs, I walk to the best of my thoughts at that moment.

Ageing seldom affects one's psyche  its like one is growing old gracefully with his songs.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I feel a sense of fulfillment when I get an opportunity to do some good deeds.Its like awakening the goodness in us,enriching ourself with physical,mental and spiritual wellness.It brings me a sense of self worth.

we read stories of great compassionate people.They go out of their ways to help the people who are in need.It is not that always,we can do some kind of charity in our busy hectic life without straying from the comfort zone.

Everyone has some type of kindness within his/her ownself.
  • Doing a good deed can be anything from sparking the idea of charity in others to plant a tree.
  • Giving old clothes to an orphanage.
  • listening to someone's pain.
  • Donating blood etc.
  • It can be even a very simple act of daily life like holding the door for someone behind you.

Doing good deeds creates a kind of goodness within us.

In this age of terrrorism and violence:we can evoke these ideas in the minds of children to make them feel and experience compassion.It will go a long way in creating a world free of violence.

To do some charity it takes no cost.for ex- I read about a website i.e. http://www.thehungersite.com .

your one click will be accontable,that goes to help the poor.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ariel View of a storm

It's was a true incident.Cetain incidents make you think things differently.

Fewdays back while I was coming back home in the sheduled flight, every thing seemed very beautiful as I was watching the sunny sky and trying to keep the hangover of my vacation in my mind.It's always refreshing to watch sun rays falling on the clouds from the window.

It's almost half an our later it felt a little bit dark outside as if we were gradually going into darkness.Before I could understand what was happening, there was an announcement that we are stuck in a storm though the intensity was not very high but a moment of fear struck to our mind.

It took almost 10 minutes to overcome that situation. But during that 10 minutes I had to rely on my faith only.With faith in your heart you can ride it out.

I have always lived by the philosophy that nothing will last forever.There is always a fair weather ahead.We often tell there is nothing but troubles in our lives,we are surrounded by difficulties only''.But circumstances of life at a given moment are not necessarily permanent, they do seem that way.
No problem can be bigger than life.Always look big at life.
A good quotation came to my mind-
In the midst of a storm you may see far away a green mountain bathed in sunlight.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

On Human valley

Being a student of psychology it has become a habit for me to dissect human mind without entering into their personal lives.
People grow in different dimensions over time.If someone has grown up with the right kind of attitude then he would have no problem in making adjustments.
We donot have control over events and happenings in life but we can have control over our behaviour.you have to findout your place, be it in your work or personal life.

With the rise in economy, consumerism is increasing.some have become obsessive buyers.some people adopt it as a lifestyle statement.some people do it out of compulsion( because others are doing it) so we will do it.Clinically said people show obsessive buying behaviour when they had a deprived childhood.

There are others who are addicted to electronic media.As if they are meant for this thing.
People's priority has been changed.we are going through a transition.
Blend of emotion is gradually fading away with time.

If you have friends and they really come down to your place for a cup of tea and you can occasionally chat with them then you are really in a human valley.


We are celebrating winter this time.After 4 long years we could perceive the cold of winter in our city.
As I was born in December I always feel this season very close to my heart ,perhaps that is the reason why I like this season.I love the smell of winter,the smell of cakes,the smell of morning winter breeze,the christmas tree,every element of this season.
Gone are the days when winter used to be long.
The fog remains for long in the morning.City life comes to a halt,office remained closed.So many Rail accident this year due to fog.
Is it because of environmental pollution and global warming?
We often come across news in the news paper about species that are on the verge of extinction because of environmental changes and global warming.

Sea is coming nearer in some cities in the bay areas,the frightening pictures from NASA satellites that the glaciers are melting more rapidly.

Directly or indirectly we are responsible for global warming.
we need to modify our day to day behaviour.We can use less plastics in our households.Instead of plastics we can use paper bags.We can use recycled papers etc that are available in the market.plastics are not biodegradable, they remain for millions of years.They can be destoryed through burning.But burning of plastics produces harmful pollutants.
we can grow plants in our terrace garden.
you can join hands with organisations that are into plantation programmes.

May be a new hope for this new year_

The eminent scientists predict in a new phenomenon that the natural healing process of nature has started i.e. the role reversal of global warming .The process of global warming, melting of glaciers are going to be stopped. A mini ICEAGE will start which may continue for twenty years or more

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Before implementing Eco ideas we need to have love for nature.
Be an observer.
We need to connect ourselves to nature.

Flowers that blossom in autumn ->
we need to be more sensitive.A whole mind set that needs to be changed.If each person plants a tree that can make a huge difference.A small effort can make wonders.

In India people of a tribal village safeguard an entire forest by restraining people from cutting down the trees.These people are the true protectors of nature.

We need to modify our behaviour.Its time that we need to go back to the basics then only we can save this planet .