Sunday, December 11, 2011

Patachitra the ethnic art of Odisha

This is a religious folk art of odisha called patachitra.Mostly made on cloth.Odisha has rich cultural heritage of Lord Jagannath.The most popular paintings are the figures of Lord Jagannath.
The figures potray Hindu mythological themes.It potrays the folk tales of Odisha.Patachitra is one of the famous ethnic Indian painting.

I tried on a different concept.
I made this patachitra.It is a little bit different from the usual patterns.It has been 20yrs from now.The B.k. college of art research study unit published this new concept.Idea is taken from that publication.

One can preserve the paintigs for a couple of years.After that it starts decaying.But in the virtual world this will live on.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rain drenched Nilgiris

A rare sight of Nilgiri Hills forest drenched in rain.Returning monsoon in the end of october.(captured on my camera).

When passing through Nilgiri forest one can't resist the aroma of ayurvedic herbs filled in the air with all its medicinal values.Air is fresh and rejuvenating there.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Gandhian movement against corruption

This ought to be a clarion call to the Indian youth to come forward and protect their own future and the country’s future as well.

As this movement is gaining momentum, more and more people seem to be emotionally charged. At this point of time we are really on the lookout of a common platform or a grievance cell where one can report to or lodge complaint;a website or a toll free number, a kind of public grievance system, which can take care of a common man’s grievance.

But at this point of time some machinery must be established to protect the interest of the common man truly fighting corruption at every possible grassroot level.

The power and responsibility of lokpal must include some authority to address such common grievance.