Thursday, April 8, 2010

Gulzar - a Lyricist full of life instinct

Very Lucky to have met Gulzar ji at Jayadev Bhavan in Bhubaneswar last year

When I heard that Indian Lyricist Gulzar won oscar it made me recall my childhood days- my favourite song used to be 'lakdi ki kathi'(film masoom).I started appreciating his songs at an age when one couldnot understand what a lyricist is.

He is a great observer of human relationships.I find him the most sensitive poet and lyricist.There is a beautiful blend of folk and rustic elements in his songs.

Gulzar's lyrics have been a very wonderful part of my life..The earthly elements that reflects in his songs are full of life instincts .One can relate and identify his feelings  with it.

Here is a wonderful song of Gulzar from album Dil padosi hai_

When passing through difficult times, one can perceive beauty in pain with his lyrics.

I use to enjoy my early morning walk listening to his songs, I walk to the best of my thoughts at that moment.

Ageing seldom affects one's psyche  its like one is growing old gracefully with his songs.

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