Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I feel a sense of fulfillment when I get an opportunity to do some good deeds.Its like awakening the goodness in us,enriching ourself with physical,mental and spiritual wellness.It brings me a sense of self worth.

we read stories of great compassionate people.They go out of their ways to help the people who are in need.It is not that always,we can do some kind of charity in our busy hectic life without straying from the comfort zone.

Everyone has some type of kindness within his/her ownself.
  • Doing a good deed can be anything from sparking the idea of charity in others to plant a tree.
  • Giving old clothes to an orphanage.
  • listening to someone's pain.
  • Donating blood etc.
  • It can be even a very simple act of daily life like holding the door for someone behind you.

Doing good deeds creates a kind of goodness within us.

In this age of terrrorism and violence:we can evoke these ideas in the minds of children to make them feel and experience compassion.It will go a long way in creating a world free of violence.

To do some charity it takes no cost.for ex- I read about a website i.e. .

your one click will be accontable,that goes to help the poor.