Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Most toughest job in real life is how to make a balance between your ethics and relationships.Sometimes for inner peace one is compelled to stay away from people.The most difficult thing in life is despite doing all good deeds you are criticised again and again.Some people know the art how to make good relationship.How selfish they are in their personal life that never comes to surface.Its about maintaining good social relationship.Buried is the person behind him who sacrificed his life.But I believe "doing good deeds " comes back to the person in this life in some other form.It adds to one's good karma.when one road closed in our early life for some unavoidable circumstances there are several opportunities come our way in later life.Life is very precious loosing opportunity in early life is very difficult to get over.Wealth,respect everything comes back in multifaceted manner.
There is plethora of awareness messages on this day.Hope all these campaigns will sensitise our society.If you we can't empower women at least shouldn't point fingers towards women who are being exploited, humiliated.It will make a huge difference and give them enough courage to come forward and protect themselves.
It is strange that we are still describing women only as the symbol of beauty,soft,tolerant etc etc.At the same time when we see someone in distress we start finding her faults.When they are holding top positions in every sector then why to discriminate them.I personally feel very bad hearing ignorant connotations about women.
who denies "Khudane phursat de banayaa hai aurat ko'