Tuesday, January 12, 2010


We are celebrating winter this time.After 4 long years we could perceive the cold of winter in our city.
As I was born in December I always feel this season very close to my heart ,perhaps that is the reason why I like this season.I love the smell of winter,the smell of cakes,the smell of morning winter breeze,the christmas tree,every element of this season.
Gone are the days when winter used to be long.
The fog remains for long in the morning.City life comes to a halt,office remained closed.So many Rail accident this year due to fog.
Is it because of environmental pollution and global warming?
We often come across news in the news paper about species that are on the verge of extinction because of environmental changes and global warming.

Sea is coming nearer in some cities in the bay areas,the frightening pictures from NASA satellites that the glaciers are melting more rapidly.

Directly or indirectly we are responsible for global warming.
we need to modify our day to day behaviour.We can use less plastics in our households.Instead of plastics we can use paper bags.We can use recycled papers etc that are available in the market.plastics are not biodegradable, they remain for millions of years.They can be destoryed through burning.But burning of plastics produces harmful pollutants.
we can grow plants in our terrace garden.
you can join hands with organisations that are into plantation programmes.

May be a new hope for this new year_

The eminent scientists predict in a new phenomenon that the natural healing process of nature has started i.e. the role reversal of global warming .The process of global warming, melting of glaciers are going to be stopped. A mini ICEAGE will start which may continue for twenty years or more

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