Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ariel View of a storm

It's was a true incident.Cetain incidents make you think things differently.

Fewdays back while I was coming back home in the sheduled flight, every thing seemed very beautiful as I was watching the sunny sky and trying to keep the hangover of my vacation in my mind.It's always refreshing to watch sun rays falling on the clouds from the window.

It's almost half an our later it felt a little bit dark outside as if we were gradually going into darkness.Before I could understand what was happening, there was an announcement that we are stuck in a storm though the intensity was not very high but a moment of fear struck to our mind.

It took almost 10 minutes to overcome that situation. But during that 10 minutes I had to rely on my faith only.With faith in your heart you can ride it out.

I have always lived by the philosophy that nothing will last forever.There is always a fair weather ahead.We often tell there is nothing but troubles in our lives,we are surrounded by difficulties only''.But circumstances of life at a given moment are not necessarily permanent, they do seem that way.
No problem can be bigger than life.Always look big at life.
A good quotation came to my mind-
In the midst of a storm you may see far away a green mountain bathed in sunlight.