Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Lord Jagannath is considered as the Supreme divinity,the ‘PARAMBRAHMA’. Jagannath cult is mysterious and esoteric.Many aspects of lord Jagannath still remain obscure and unknown to the world.
Brahma paribartana as per Jagannath cult occurs in 19 years.As per Hindu mythology human soul gets another body after death.Nabakalebara of lord Jagannath has resemblance with a human life and symbolizes the immortality of soul.
This year millions of devotees light up diyas and remain awake till the wee hours of the night (Brahma muhurta) when ghata paribartana was scheduled to occur at Jagannath temple. On this auspicious day let there be peace,compassion,humanity and nonviolence prevail over mankind by the grace of lord Jagannath.
By Swati Mohapatra

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