Tuesday, January 12, 2010

On Human valley

Being a student of psychology it has become a habit for me to dissect human mind without entering into their personal lives.
People grow in different dimensions over time.If someone has grown up with the right kind of attitude then he would have no problem in making adjustments.
We donot have control over events and happenings in life but we can have control over our behaviour.you have to findout your place, be it in your work or personal life.

With the rise in economy, consumerism is increasing.some have become obsessive buyers.some people adopt it as a lifestyle statement.some people do it out of compulsion( because others are doing it) so we will do it.Clinically said people show obsessive buying behaviour when they had a deprived childhood.

There are others who are addicted to electronic media.As if they are meant for this thing.
People's priority has been changed.we are going through a transition.
Blend of emotion is gradually fading away with time.

If you have friends and they really come down to your place for a cup of tea and you can occasionally chat with them then you are really in a human valley.

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