Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Life is very precious.There is only one life to live.We all try to get the best out of it.To keep pace with the fast and changing world we have to be on our toes all the time.We often miss out wonderful things that are around.

We often interact with people with negative traits both in our professional and social life.They are the unhappy people who want to possess material things,they assess you for what you have not for what you are.We often can not sustain this competitive pressure.Our lowerself gets triggered.We experience all sorts of negative emotions i.e.anger ,jealousy,hate,resentment etc. and finally it plays on our health.

A few tips can make life worth living.
To channelise negative emotion add a creative blend to your life.Develop yourself.Satisfy your cognitive need by learning things.

knowledge makes one humble and deflates the ego.

Practice calmness and quietness.
when the mind is calm there is better control of your emotions.It help us turn inward. We function at the higher level of our consciousness.Our attitude and observation towards life improves.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Silence still prevails

Silence still prevails

The ride is not always smooth.
When it is filled with emotions
it has to be emptied.

It tries to find expression. 

When the clouds are full of rain water
they have to shower.

Creativity springs from love.
It's about unconditional love.

One can't expect to receive in return.

when it falls short of words it is unspoken.
Life goes on with that language of silence.
Life goes on with that fragnance.


                      Words take shape
                      very slowly it intoxicates  
                      Only silence speaks
                      with that instinct
                      want to embrace life
                      again and again.
                     I often had to walk alone 
                     Following the footsteps....
                     Till you disappear in 
                     the rain leaving a trail.

When evening falls
Why it feels that
You are around

Digging deep into my heart
Why it feels that
you are around

Why I donot
want to break the spell.

When evening falls
What triggers my thought
I Never know
It drifts my thought towards you.

Bringing a lot of freshness in the air
Everything begins to resound.


Do not Know
When You came and left.

Reading the language of your eyes
it worth a thousand complements
for me.
something as little as this
and nobody even knows.
A feeling of sheer ecstasy

As if I was living
my dream in that moment.

I have pocketed that very

moment for the rest of my life.

I wish....I could

I wish you could
Feel the unwritten words

I wish you could read

in between the lines

I wish I could
make you feel
how precious you are for me

I wish I could
explain how the ride is so diffcult
without you

when the heart is filled with wishes
can't wish anything
So all good wishes are
with you.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

God Of All Religions

Many a times I experienced a very subtle feeling.Once I felt that my mind is conditioned in a way to perceive it.It happened to me, it's about one's belief.

Writting about Shirdi Sai was there in my mind but I have never gathered the courage to pen it down.
Guru purnima is considered as a very auspicious day.On that particular day I went to shiridi sai temple.The chant,the vibes of the place awakened a thousands of spiritual feelings in me.It generates a plethora of ideas that I had never confronted with.As if I got all answers of my self- doubts.It's an introspection that compelled me to write something.

I read about Shirdi that those who believe in him they often experience a kind of connection or you can tell it telepathy.It acts as a reminder at times.The same happened to me.
I wrote this article but couldnot post it on my blog .But the very next day While opening my facebook ac I got a friendly suggestion from Shirdi sai trust.Either you call it coincidence or connection but it acts like a reminder to me.
I found some people feeling choked with too much of materialism.They try to put on hold their fast life and tune their mind with spirituality.It is oneness with God.A deep sense of being humane.Some people prefer to be spiritual rather than being religious only.

I read a wonderful thing about Shirdi sai that people from all religions are his followers.The attitude and belief we imbibe in our growing up years determine our spiritual and religious belief.
we identify ourselves with that religious belief.We are the outcome of that social conditioning.That is so strongly held and it is very difficult to alter that belief.

People take holy dips rather than looking into their minds.
They don't look into meaningful spiritual growth.